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Check Tax Identification Number (Tin) is correct for the e-Invoice in Malaysia

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Malaysia is moving towards digital business processes, and one key part of this shift is the implementation of e-invoices. E-invoices help businesses operate more efficiently and transparently, ensuring compliance with regulations set by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN).

Why E-Invoices Matter

Traditional paper invoices are often slow, error-prone, and can be easily tampered with. E-invoices solve these problems by being faster, more accurate, and more secure. They allow businesses to track invoices in real-time, which helps in maintaining clear and accurate financial records. View more e-invoice information malaysia here.

The Importance of the Buyer’s TIN

A crucial part of the e-invoice system is the Tax Identification Number (TIN). The TIN identifies the buyer in a transaction and is necessary for generating an e-invoice. Without a valid TIN, the e-invoice process cannot proceed.

To address this, we have developed a feature to validate the buyer’s TIN, integrated with the LHDN’s e-invoice API.

How TIN Validation Works

Our TIN validation feature works in the following steps:

  1. Entering the TIN: The buyer's TIN, idType, idValue is entered into our validation function.
  2. Validation: The system checks the TIN against LHDN’s records via the e-invoice API to ensure it is correct and active.
  3. Confirmation: Once validated, the system will state the status of the TIN, either VALID or INVALID.

This ensures that all e-invoices are accurate and comply with LHDN regulations, reducing the risk of errors and fraud.


Switching to e-invoices is a vital step for modernizing business processes in Malaysia. By integrating TIN validation with LHDN’s e-invoice API, businesses can ensure compliance, accuracy, and efficiency. This not only benefits individual businesses but also strengthens the overall business environment in Malaysia, making it more transparent and trustworthy.

Embracing digital advancements like e-invoices is essential for staying competitive, and it shows Malaysia’s commitment to creating a progressive business environment.